Blue Tree Childcare/Breakfast Club

Blue Tree Childcare is based in the green mobile situated in the grounds of the school's nursery.  This is a large modern mobile with a fitted kitchen, air conditioning, separate toilets for staff and pupils; and immediate access to a contained play area and the school fields.  For your convenience it will be best to drop off at the Nursery entrance on Park Lane.  There is a secure entrance and a buzzer for Blue Tree Childcare.

Breakfast Club is also run by the Blue tree Childcare in the mobile.  The rates are £3.75 for an early drop-off, between 7.30am and 8am, and £2.00 for a drop off between 8am and 8.40am.

After School Childcare - This runs from 3.15pm until 6.15pm at a cost of £3.75 per hour, and again it operates from the mobile located near the Nursery.  A light snack and drink will be offered. 

Bookings and payment for Blue Tree Childcare will need to be paid through the school comms on-line payments system (for further information, please see the school office) or employer childcare vouchers.

Fees must be paid in advance on a minimum fortnightly basis.


To contact Blue Tree    during their opening hours

please ring 07549 647418