Let's Think! 

Engage learners through stimulating activities that have purpose making use of the environment and the community.



Let's Learn!

Develop learners knowledge, skills and understanding through high quality teaching.



 Let's Explore! 

Innovate allows children to use and apply their knowledge, skills and understadning through a negotiated process facilitated via a knowledge provocation.



 Let's Apply and Reflect! 

The opportunity for children to Express their learning and share their understanding with others.


The Cornerstones Curriculum

At Park Lane Primary School we follow the Cornerstones creative curriculum for our topics and foundation subjects.

The Cornerstones Curriculum is built on a robust framework and a proven learning philosophy. Each topic unit is called an Imaginative Learning Project (ILP) and every ILP follows the same basic structure.

Take a look here for more information about the Cornerstones Curriculum:



The ILPs are split into four distinct phases called ‘The Cornerstones of Learning':























Each unit starts with a memorable first-hand experience. Pupils begin observing, researching and setting questions. During this phase, the children have lots of opportunities to fully engage with the new topic.


A large part of the ILP is focussed on improving knowledge and understanding. Children develop and practise new skills. They explore the topic by making and doing.


During this week-long section of the unit, the children are involved in activities that encourage them to apply skills and knowledge in real-life contexts. They solve real or imagined problems through learning and gain inspiration from a range of creative activities.


In the final part of each ILP, the children become performers, experts and informers! They link their learning back to the starting point and provide opportunities to share and celebrate their achievements with parents and carers.