The Whittlesey Primary Curriculum

The Whittlesey Primary Curriculum was designed in 2021 for children who live in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire.  We have carefully chosen, for each of the National Curriculum subjects, the knowledge and skills that we would like our pupils to know.  Our ambition is that when our pupils leave primary school, to begin secondary school, they are in a strong position to achieve excellent GCSE results.

Teachers and school leaders have carefully planned and sequenced The Whittlesey Primary Curriculum so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards clearly defined end points. 

The end points in all subjects in all Year groups are thoughtfully and ambitiously designed by teachers at the planning stage, so that children become very knowledgeable and skillful in all subjects - giving them the best possible chance of going onto achieve excellent GCSE results in a range of subjects.

We build on our parents’ and pupils’ strengths and their hopes for the future.  We know that many of pupils live in low income families, which is why we invest a huge amount of time and energy in ensuring that our curriculum helps all of our pupils to become really strong readers by their 7th birthday.

We also know that pupils in low income families are more likely to experience ill health, special educational needs and disability compared to children from higher income families. This is why we are committed to ensuring every child, however disadvantaged,  has the knowledge and skills to lead as healthy and safe live as possible.

Every child will leave our school as knowledgeable, educated citizens knowing and understanding much about human creativity and achievement. 

Onwards and upwards!

Mr Rob Litten

Executive Headteacher

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