Our 2021 Christmas Tree

Here is our 2021 entry to the St Mary's Church Christmas Tree Festival

PL Xmas Tree.jpg

Workshops with Equaliteach

Workshop leaders, from award winning charity Equaliteach worked with all pupils in Years 3 to 6 to develop their understanding of what racism is and how not to be racist.


Racism is very often difficult for children to talk about and understand.  Equaliteach has an excellent reputation for helping children talk and think  about racial and ethnic differences in a kind, healthy and acceptable way.


This is the second time Equaliteach has worked in our school. Last year they worked with Year 6 pupils.  


We intend to work with Equaliteach next year too as part of our commitment to helping every child lead a happy and healthy life.


Playground Leaders

All three schools got together recently to undertake some playground leader training at New Road Primary School.

Plg leaders 2.JPG
Plg leaders 3.JPG
Plg leaders 1.JPG

Pupils from Park Lane and New Road Primary Schools were invited by Jones Brothers Civil Engineers to write letters and diary entries for a time capsule.     Pupils visited the site of the new bridge at Kings Dyke and were given a tour of the construction works by the site manager and shown where the time capsule would be buried.  


The pupils’ writhing was  placed into the capsule by Mr Litten.  The letters were very moving as the children had written about the pandemic and the impact on their family, childhood and education.   


The pupils represented their schools brilliantly and both schools were invited back for a future  visit.

Time Capsule entries!