Spreading the Happiness!

We are Spreading the Happiness at Park Lane Primary and Nursery School!

We love coming to Nursery and School at Park Lane Primary School and this week we started our 'Spread the Happiness' challenge! Every day, for 28 days, we have to complete an exciting challenge such as singing a special song or reading a special story. There is a different theme each week and the theme for week one is 'Happy Maths!' We hope you enjoy looking at photos and videos of us completing our daily challenge.

Week 1 - Happy Maths!

Day 1 - Learn a forwards number song

Nursery enjoyed learning the song 1,2,3,4,5 whilst Reception learnt a rap called '10 little pencils!' Fab day! We love these songs as most number songs count backwards.

Day 2 - Have a digit dance

We love the digit dance! The digit dance helps us to write numbers. Check it out on youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh7whodf3RA

Day 3 - Look at the number 1,000,000

We watched a video called 'How big is a million?' We learnt that

one million is a BIG number!

Day 4 - Learn Big Fish, Little Fish

We were all very tired after dancing along to this song!

Day 5 - Learn some Pirate George Number songs

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