Year 5 Residential to Caythorpe Court

48 Pupils from Year 5 leave for their residential trip to Caythorpe today.

Here is the list of the activities/challenges awaiting them:

Kayaking - challenging & fun. Pupils learn and develop paddling techniques, teamwork and communication skills using a combination of games and instructions both on land and afloat.

All Aboard - up to four individuals climb the same six metre pole and have to support each other and balance on the top.

Aeroball - the fastest way to tire any child out! Aeroball combines trampolining, volleyball and basketball skills.

Trapeze - this is an individual challenge that requires determination and courage to climb a six metre pole. Each pupil can succeed within their own parameters, even if they don't achieve the final dive for the Trapeze.

Climbing - using outdoor climbing walls, qualified instructors teach children how to recognise and control risks before learning the basic skills and techniques.

Jacobs Ladder - a series of horizontally suspended logs with progressively wider gaps between them. The object is for the team to ascend the giant ladder using only each other and the logs for support. The activity promotes communication, discussion, leadership and decision making.

Challenge Course - interesting obstacles and challenges mean children really get close to the outdoors. Teams have to communicate, collaborate and make decisions, in order to complete this exciting course.

High Ropes - this popular and exhilarating activity is designed to develop trust and co-operation between participants. Being up to 12m in the air, children test their balance, skill and confidence, relying on the support of their fellow pupils to complete the course.

Orienteering - working in small groups, the development in map reading skills is gained by locating control points within the boundaries of the centre. Children experience decision making, symbol recognition and judgement of distance travelled.

Abseilling - this exhilarating activity, usually from a purpose built tower,offers children an overwhelming sense of achievement. In addition to learning a new skill, abseilling enables children to understand risks and how to control them.

Rifle Shooting - lightweight air-rifles are secured to clamps and are sued to promote concentration, steady breathing and a good eye for accuracy. Strict range discipline is maintained at all tim


Vertical Challenge - pupils belay and encourage each other as they negotiate their way up suspended obstacles which may include climbing walls, crates and cargo nets.

Sensory Trail - children are encouraged to understand the importance of human senses before being blindfolded and asked to complete a series of activities. This requires the children to communicate and collaborate to negotiate a range of obstacles.

The activities continue into the evening and will be having a camp fire, a quiz night, an evening of Ambush (which is a game of hide & seek in the dark).

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