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Comic Relief 2023

On Friday 17th March, we supported Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day campaign.  This year’s theme was ‘Dress up for joy and make others smile' the children took part in activities to raise awareness and promote acts of kindness towards themselves as well as others. 

All pupils were invited to come to school on Friday 17th March wearing something that made them and others in the school smile. (Could be fancy dress, favourite outfit, an outfit which brings back a memory, a homemade costume or some ‘posh’ clothes). Pupils across all classes  also had the opportunity to learn more about how Comic Relief uses its donations from Red Nose Day and the important projects it supports.  

Children then took part in ‘It’s a class act’ where they participated in a talent show. All children were be given the opportunity if they wished, to take part either as an individual or small group, showing off their unique talent (juggling, joke telling, singing, dancing or wherever their talent was). These were then be performed in front of others - we had children telling jokes, completing two rubix cubes in under a minute, dancing and gymnastics. 

To find out more about Red Nose Day, you can visit

The school raised an amazing £314.50 

50% of the money raised will also be going to the Red Cross Turkey/Syria Appeal - you can find more about this here