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Our Staff – Primary School

Mr Litten Executive Headteacher

Mrs Bains Deputy Executive Headteacher

Miss Jones Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo)
Miss Tansley  Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo)
(SENco Maternity Leave Team)

Teaching Staff

  • Mr Ingham Head of Upper School, Year 6 Teacher
  • Mrs Gregory Year 6  Teacher, Computing Subject Leader
  • Mrs German Year 5 Teacher, E1 on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
  • Mrs Ingham Year 5 Teacher, E1 on a Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Miss Jones Year 5 Teacher, N1
  • Mrs Bradshaw Year 4 Teacher, N3 Music Subject Leader
  • Miss Grainger Year 4 Teacher, N2
  • Mrs Bibi Year 3 Teacher, W2
  • Mrs Chisholm Year 3 Teacher, W1 on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays
  • Mr Adams Year 3 Teacher, W1 Monday and Tuesday
  • Mrs Prince Year 2 Teacher, Rabbits Class
  • Mrs Brudenell Year 2 Teacher Hedgehogs Class
  • Mrs Porter Year 1 Teacher, Foxes Class on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
  • Miss Algere Year 1 Teacher, Foxes Class on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Mr Chisholm Head of Lower School, Year 1 Teacher, Squirrels Class
  • Miss Tansley EYFS Leader, Reception Teacher, Badgers  Class
  • Miss Baxter Reception Teacher, Otters Class Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays,
  • Miss Alegre Reception Teacher, Otters Class on Thursdays & Fridays.
  • Mrs Hughes Nursery Teacher.

admin & Support Staff

  • Mrs Michelle Graves School Administrator
  • Mrs Hayley Palmer Receptionist/Admin Tuesday - Friday
  • Mrs Natalie Mason First Aid Officer Receptionist - Mon
  • Mrs Vicky Bell Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Miss Boon Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Joanne Shore Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Penny Todd Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Pauline Banks Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Lisa Brannigan Teaching Assistant
  • Miss Megan Baxter Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Jane Butler Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Tracey Beaumont Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Nichola Dance Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Julie Field Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Lisa Flintoft Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Elizabeth Farley Teaching Assistant
  • Miss Giordan Gregory Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Amanda Herring Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Lisa Mutimer Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Shelly Ruggles Teaching Assistant
  • Miss Donna Smith Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Dawn Thulborn Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Debbie Walker Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Shelly White Teaching Assistant
  • Mr Luke Young Teaching Assistant

Premises  & Lunchtime staff

  • Mr Steve White Site Manager
  • Mrs Lee Lea Assistant Site Manager & Cleaner
  • Miss Olajumoke Ogunniyi Cleaner
  • Mrs Janet White Cleaner
  • Mrs Elaine Wilson Cleaner
  • Mrs Iris Youles Cleaner
  • Miss Lisa Sammons Lunchtime Co-ordinator
  • Mrs Tracey Baeumont Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Kim Bland Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Miss Carly Barton Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Miss Kelly Chamberlain Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Cheryl Foley Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Rebecca Garner Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Ms Nicola Girgn Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Nicola Green Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Sarah Harlow Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Marian Harman Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Lyn Henson Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Miss Kim Hill Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Paula Hubbard Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Lee Lea Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Miss Alison Shaw Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Miss Linzi Skipworth Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Miss Amy Strangward Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Joan Walker Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Iris Youles Lunchtime Supervisor