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At Park Lane Primary School, we feel that the wellbeing and happiness of our pupils is very important.

  • At the beginning of every PSHE lesson, we all have a quick reminder of a strategy to help us keep calm and happy.
  • Every class has a Reflection folder which contains activities to help us remain in the Green Zone .We have regular discussions and reminders about this.

Learning Zones- We have this poster in our classrooms and around school.
(find more information on Learning Zones by clicking on the link to the right of this page)

In our Main Hall, there is a mental health and well being display which is updated termly with materials supplied by the Fenland Mental Health Team.

The children are encouraged to take notice of this as they move around school.

There is also a Staff well being board within our staffroom with information for staff.

Our Well being Team

Within school we have staff who have received different training.

Senior Mental Health leads:      Mrs Lucy Porter
                                                             Mrs Frances Light-Rudland
                                                             Mrs Rachel Bains

Mental Health Champions:       Mrs Sue Bradshaw
                                                            Mrs Lucy Porter

ELSA (Emotional Learning Support Assistants):
                                                            Mrs Nichola Dance
                                                            Mrs Amanda Herring

These staff meet with pupils to support their needs, discuss issues with parents and refer on for extra support if necessary.

Our school has close links with The Fenland Mental Health Support Team and they often come into school to offer support to children and/or groups that have been identified.

Once a term, a member of the support team comes into school before school to meet with parents on an informal basis and can offer leaflets and advice on where to go for support.

Please look out for emails about this!


Every February, we raise awareness of Children’s mental health during Children’s Mental Health week.

The children will take part in activities in the classroom and assemblies to rasie awareness.

Wellbeing: suggested websites for support for parents